Holiday Party Fashion Options

The time for holiday parties is upon us, and while the little black dress has proven foolproof time and time again, use a new season to justify experimenting with fashion “ or at least your go-to party number. Here are our picks for your holiday party fashion options “ just remember to pace yourself.

Leather Pants 
Alright, true: this may not be the ideal look for a black-tie dinner party, but if your holiday soiree is more fun than formal, indulge in slim-fitting leather pants that you can dress up with an oversize lace tank and bracelets and necklaces. Worn with lace-up ankle wedge boots, it’s possible to dress up a style synonymous with wild nights on the town (at least in the ˜80s), so if you’re hoping to use the holidays as an excuse to channel rock and/or roll, keep yourself business appropriate with a blazer worn overtop your tank, and with enough room that you can eat several pieces of pie and still feel comfortable.

The Shift Dress
We’ve waxed poetic about the ˜60s since we saw Don Draper appear on screen, so if you haven’t done so yet, use holiday party fashion as an excuse to indulge in the era that no one will stop talking about. Brands like Joe Fresh offer bright, eye-catching shift dresses reminiscent of the Jackie O aesthetic, so if you’re hoping to make that your holiday look, pair with patent heels and a set of pearls, adding attitude through bright red lipstick and loose waves in your hair. (After all, it’s 2011, not 1963. You’re allowed to have fun.)

Original, right? A holiday party fashion guide that includes sparkles as a must-wear for winter 2011. But unlike previous seasons, this year is the time to give shimmer an edge and pair clunky heels, leather blazers and back tights with a gold dress. Lines like H&M are perfect for exploring sparkles’ potential: featuring disco-inspired shirts with black leather minis, it’s possible to make shimmer adult-appropriate “ provided you anchor your look with heavier footwear, a substantial bag and absolutely no glitter worn on or around your face.

The Classic
There’s a reason certain holiday fashion looks don’t go out of style, and that’s because when you’re invited to a holiday party at your boss’ house, timelessness takes priority. Staying in-step with the cocktail dress resurgence, wearing a black, strapless dress with an above the knee A-line skirt is the perfect go-to for bona fide formal events. And if you’re feeling a little uneasy about showing so much skin, take a page out of the 1950s and opt for short sleeves with black opaque tights.

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