Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013

Halloween is a chance to play dress up and act like a kid again. Some people use it as an excuse to wear lingerie to a nightclub, but if you’re looking for something more modest and tongue-in-cheek, here are some ideas for Halloween 2013.



Get together with your girlfriends and emulate your alter-ego on the hit show, Girls. Whether you’re a Lena and will raid Goodwill, or Shoshanna with a J. Crew wardrobe, a Marnie in a career dress or Jessa in a hippie lace gown, if you can get three friends to pull off the ensemble cast, you’re sure to have a fun night.

Girls HBO

High Fashion

A classy halloween costume would be to get a blonde bob wig, sunglasses and pearls to emulate Vogue’s editor-in-chief. Get a friend to don a long orange wig to play Grace Coddington for bonus points. Another idea is to put your hair in a low pony, wear a black suit, leather fingerless gloves and sunglasses to imitate Uncle Karl. Audrey Hepburn is a classic, and you can easily get the look with a pair of wayfarer sunglasses, a floppy black hat and pearls. Or go as Jane Birkin with cool fringe, casual style and a signature (faux) Birkin bag.

Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume

Miley Cyrus

Get your twerk on in a nude-coloured outfit, or wear a daring midriff-baring top and white leggings. Put your hair up in two buns on top of your head. If you have a male friend who’s down, get him to wear a striped suit which is versatile enough to be both Robin Thicke or Beetlejuice. Or, you could go as Hannah Montana, to remind everyone of how far Miley has come.

Miley Cyrus

Orange is the New Black

Go to the hardware store and buy simple beige work outfits or beige scrubs. Gather a crew to imitate the cast at Litchfield or go alone as Red, Chapman or Alex Vause in a pair of cat-eye frames. Remember to wear faux Toms shoes and keep your eye out for any chickens.


Transform into everyone’s favourite movie (young and old), Despicable Me, with some yellow face paint, a pair of goggles, a hard hat and overalls. Bonus points for getting a friend to dress as Agnes in a ponytail, overalls and carry a unicorn toy. This costume would work great for a large group and if done right, is sure to win any costume contest.

Despicable Me Halloween Costumes

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