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In the past, pants have the simple part of an outfit. A beautifully intricate shirt or jacket is generally paired with simple jeans, trousers, or dress pants. But this season, things are changing. Pants are becoming the focal piece in an outfit. Bold pants are the perfect trend for summer because they look best with a simple light shirt, and no heavy jacket covering them up. Wearing bold pants can feel a little bit daring, but check out these five different ways to embrace this eye-catching trend.

Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide leg pants have been making a huge comeback this season; be it a straight wide leg, or a full on bellbottom. Maybe wearing floral printed bellbottoms is taking things a bit too far, but you can certainly wear a printed wide-leg trouser. It’s a very fresh look that’s perfect for hot summer days. You can do a bright solid colour, a very bold colourful print, or a more subtle print; it’s up to you! Either way, your legs will definitely be the main event.

Make a statement with Anthropologie’s Capacious Wide-Leg Trousers in Coral, $88. Available at Anthropologie.

S - Anthropologie Wide Leg Trousers 300x400

Tapered Trousers

If you like trousers, but aren’t convinced about wide-leg pants yet, then do a tapered trouser. Chances are you already have solid coloured pair, since they have been in fashion for a while now, so update your wardrobe with a printed pair. This is a style you can only get away with in the spring and summer; so don’t be shy to embrace it now. Wear it with a body suit, crop top, or any sort of simple blouse.

Check out Forever 21’s Posy Print Harem Pants, $17.80. Available at Forever 21.

S - F21 Trousers 300x400

Bright-Coloured Jeans

If you are looking to update your denim in a bold way, then try solid bright coloured jeans. Rag & Bone has a fantastic pair that come in many bright colours like fire engine red and Kelly green. Just wear them like you would wear your regular jeans! But be a little more careful with your colour selections because you don’t want to clash.

Try Rag & Bone’s Skinny Jeans in Turquoise, $165. Available at rag-bone.com. 

S - Rag & Bone Jeans 300x400

Tight Printed Pants

Another way wear bold pants, that are more form fitting, is to wear a printed tight pant. These are a little hard to find in stores, but keep an eye out because they are incredibly fun and unique. You can do some print mixing with a differently patterned shirt, or stay simple on the top and let the pants have all the attention.

Get the look with Zara’s Fitted Printed Trousers in Navy/White, $79.90. Available at Zara. 

S - Zara Printed Tight 300x400


If you really love bold statement pieces, and you are feeling particularly daring, you could always try a full-leg jumpsuit. It’s an all in one outfit; all you have to add is accessories and you are good to go. When you are buying full-leg jumpsuit, you have to be particularly attentive to the fit and shape. You have to make sure they are long enough in the legs and the crotch, which can be tricky. But once you find it, you have a stunning new outfit that will, without a doubt, catch people’s attention. 

Be daring with H&M’s Zebra Jumpsuit in Black, $59.95. Available at H&M.

S - HM Jumpsuit 300x400

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