Spring 2011 Fashion: Heels and Shorts

Now that the warm weather‘s here, the nights of wandering without tights are finally upon us, and while the combination of high heels and shorts may seem like an option, there are certain rules to abide by when gearing up to debut summer fashion. So when it comes to keeping the tall-shoes-and-shorts combination classy, we’ve come up with the following guidelines. After all, though we’d like to assume that we’re the exception, it’s better to embrace the rules when embracing a potentially risqué© look.

Avoid Extremes

Tall shoes and short-shorts may work for the likes of Carrie Underwood, but when you’re out and about getting drinks with pals, it can give off a relatively questionable vibe paralleled only by wearing a short skirt with a super-low tee. You may have great legs, but if you’re rocking a pair of intense stilettos, you’ll want to bring down the short length to prevent looking scandalous. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger are great examples of staying preppy yet fashionable, while Badgely Mischka’s high-waisted styles keep shorter cuts balanced and wearable.

Think About Socks

True, the last thing you want to consider is donning another yet layer while braving 30-degree temperatures, but if you’re hesitant to abandon your super-short shorts and platform sandals, you’ll want to break up the leg with a pair of socks “ a look perfected on the year’s spring and summer runways. Overwhelmed by the thought of summertime socks? Relax: H&M and Joe Fresh offer thin, warm-friendly styles that are meant to be worn with sandals and shoes, obliterating the stereotypes associated with winter wear and boots. 

Go Chunky Over Slinky

High heels and shorts are a summertime reality, but if you want to avoid the late-night club aesthetic, opt for thick soles and thick heels that ground your look and prevent your ensemble from coming across slinky. Pointy-toed heels are already a seasonal don’t (sorry ladies, but the 70s prevail), and a rounded toe with a substantial (read: chunky) style will elevate you in terms of height, but lower your levels of borderline trashy.

Make ˜Em Fit

With every rule comes the grey area, and if you’re set on donning a pair of short-shorts and ˜70s platforms, favor the proverbial fence and avoid embracing butt-hugging styles that leave nothing to the imagination. Since your legs are already out in full force, create balance by going for a looser cut (like Banana Republic’s spring collection) or pleated style that fit well but don’t dramatically hug your curves. That way, you’ll maintain a head turning dynamic without putting it all out there. 

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