Flattering Plus-Sized Curves For Special Occasions

When you are attending special occasions such as weddings and evening events women with plus-sized figures have a number of beautiful options for events. Finding the right fit to accentuate your figure while covering your least favorite figure problems is easy with these helpful tips. 

When you are looking for plus size evening wear for that special ocassion, make sure the fit is right. There is nothing less comfortable than dressing in a gown that fits badly, either too big or too small, and keeps you from feeling and looking your very best. 

Choose darker colors to appear slimmer. If you need some color use color in your best figure areas to draw attention to that area, or choose accessories such as a colorful purse, jewelry, or shoes to provide your outfit with color. 

Invest in well fitting undergarments to make your evening wear look its best. Having well fitting undergarments will help you feel confident and sexy. Choose fashionable accessories and well fitting shoes and pantyhose to make your evening look complete.

Body Type: Large Bust/Waist
Women who are top heavy should make sure their dress fits well in that area so it is not too tight and comfortable, stay away from clingy fabrics. Dresses with a v-neck or u-neckline will help make your bust look a little higher and in proportion with the rest of your body. Women with a large bust can make the most of their legs by wearing a knee length evening gown thus drawing attention to your lower body. Choose smaller jewelry around the neck instead of large jewelry to draw attention away from this part of your body.

Check out Reitmans’ Printed Cowl Neck Dress in Black/White, $66. Available at Reitmans.

Body Type: Large Waist/Tummy
Empire waists work the best for those of us with a larger waist and tummy area. Choose a princess waistline, a fitted bodice design can also work for your figure. An empire waist will help hide your waist and tummy areas. Using an attractive accessory such as a wrap, shrug, or lightweight shawl can help conceal a larger waist or tummy area. 

Check out Penningtons’ Solid Empire-Cut Dress in Marine Blue, $49.99. Available at Penningtons.

Body Type: Large Hips/Bottom
Plus size women with large hips should avoid frills and extra decoration around the waist area since this will draw attention to that area, making your waist and hips appear bigger. Dresses that draw attention to your chest and face are best, a boatneck or scoopneck style or one-shoulder style dress will help accentuate your upper area. An a-line evening dress is flattering, ideal for figures with larger hip/bottom area.

Check out Forever 21’s Rosette Shoulder Dress in Black, $29.80. Available at Forever 21.

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