Fashion Styling Tips: Make Your Ankle Boots Work for Winter

If you are a person who often chooses fashionable over practical, then this story might sound familiar. It’s mid-November and you are wearing your adorable ankle boots with jeans a wool coat and a heavy knitted scarf. Just as you are thinking to yourself that this is the perfect winter outfit, you father chimes in and says, So what boots are you going to wear when it starts to get cold an snowy out? You can’t wear those during the winter.

Dad may not be fashion savvy, but he has a point. Ankle boots are really more of a spring, fall or even summer boot. As cute as they look with winter clothing, they aren’t the most practical. But since you are probably going to throw caution to the wind and sport you ankle boots this winter anyway, here are some tips to make them more winter-wearable:

1) Thick Socks:
Ankle boots are usually made of thinner leather, without much lining or insulation, thus your toes might get a bit cold once the temperatures drop below zero. Fortunately, thick, patterned, wool socks happen to look fantastic with ankle boots! You can wear them over tights when wearing your ankle boots with a skirt or casual dress, or with a cuffed skinny jean.

2) Leather Protector:
This is a must. We all want to look good, even when there is snow and salt on the ground. But if you are going to risk wearing your ankle boots in those conditions, you need to spray them with a good leather protector the night before. And when you come home with salt stains on your boots, you should wash them off with a damp cloth and leather cleaner right way. As cumbersome as that might seem, it will keep your boots looking better, longer.

3) Thicker Sole:
If you have already been wearing your boots for a while, the soles might be starting to wear down. It’s a good investment to take your boots to a cobbler and have the soles replaced with newer, thicker ones. This will give you better traction during winter and will make for a sturdier boot. This option wont work for every boot, but if it’s one you want to get a lot more wear out of then it might be worth investing in a little ankle boot restoration.

4) Experiment With New Outfits:

We all know how great ankle boots look with summer shorts and light floral dresses, but you will be happy know there are plenty of winter styles that look amazing with ankle boots. Thick, wooly tights are a great option for keeping your legs warm, but still allowing you to wear skirts and dresses during the winter. Wear tights with your ankle boots, a dress and a cropped sweater. Or for another comfy yet stylish winter look, try ankle boots with tight, stretchy jeans and an oversized sweater. 

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