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With online media gaining a stronger presence in the world of fashion, blogging has become a powerful tool to communicate style. Here are a few blogs to check next time you need some outfit inspiration or are unsure of a new trend.

1) The Sartorialist: Started by fashion enthusiast and insider Scott Schuman in 2005, this acclaimed fashion blog is often regarded as one of the best in the industry. The Sartorialist both influences and in turn, is inspired by street fashions from New York, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. Schuman captures fashion at its finest and most uninhibited natural state, bringing virtual glory to passersby. His blog features stylish yet everyday men and women caught in the city streets in unique patterns, beautifully tailored outerwear, bold accessories, and unusual outfit combinations. If you missed your chance to stop and stare at them on your way to work, you’ll find them here online!

2) Toronto Street Fashion: Taking cues from the Sartorialist, this local blog also focuses on the fashion sense of regular citizens with a certain quirky flair. The site also focuses on Toronto-based jewelry, Fashion Week updates, up and coming designers, eco-friendly style, and much more. Long story short, there’s something for everybody, whether you’re interested in caring for the environment or the more artistic side of the business with fashion photography.

3) Style Rookie: Mature beyond her years and delving into haute couture while her classmates scramble for the sales rack at Hollister, 14-year-old blogging sensation Tavi Gevinson began writing online at the age of 11. She’s now invited to international fashion shows, has met countless designers, and become an inspiring new celebrity on the cutting edge of style. With witty posts, brilliant insight into new collections and pop culture, an unconventional and creative look of her own, and a devoted fan following, the gifted Tavi is clearly more than so over middle school.

4) Where else can you stay updated with beauty and clothing trends, all while keeping on top of the latest haute couture issues and celebrity style disasters? has a timeless appeal, with articles which are easy and entertaining to read, a hands-on look at the world of fashion, and plenty of interviews and style profiles.

5) Style Bubble: The unpretentious, no-nonsense, and laid-back attitude of Style Bubble is clear as soon as you come across the simple language, the quick posts, and the clear screenshots of boutique websites. This site is a good read for information, if you prefer your fashion to be simply about just the facts, please.

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