Fall 2011 Jacket Trends

Don’t be fooled by the occasional 14 degrees Celsius day, November is fast approaching and so are subzero temperatures. The silver lining? It’s not quite parka weather yet; so you can still feel comfortable in fashionable jackets that accentuate your outfit, rather than cover it up to preserve warmth. The best way to embrace fall fashion (which is the best fashion, let’s face it) is to find yourself a fabulous fall jacket. And autumn 2011 has brought with it tons of fresh and distinctive styles to play with.

Can’t escape the cape:

Capes burst onto the scene last fall, and it looks like they are here to stay (at least till next season.) Now there are many different shapes, styles, colours, patterns and textures to choose from. They are cozy and make you feel as though you are wrapped in a warm blanket, yet they look surprisingly elegant. A cape-coat with a faux shearling collar, like this one from Topshop will keep your entire upper body looking and feeling hot.

It’s leather weather:

There is no better time for a leather jacket than fall! Worn with skinny jeans and a cropped long sleeve top, over a dress, or even with a maxi skirt, a cropped leather jacket can do no wrong. Switch things up a bit by going with a camel coloured leather, instead of the safer option of black. This one from ASOS.com is the perfect rich fall tone. Throw on an oversized scarf with it and head out to embrace the crisp fall weather in style.

Get clad in plaid:

In case you didn’t get the memo, plaid caused a stir on the fall 2011 runways as one of the hot prints for the season. Nothing says fall quite like red, flannel plaid, and if that’s the case then this might be the perfect fall jacket from ASOS.com. It’s not too cropped, but not too long. Not too tight, but not too loose. And it will keep you warm, but won’t leave you sweating in the fall temperatures. And the shearling detail is the icing on top!

You’ll swoon over this cocoon:

Have you heard of the cocoon coat/sweater? It’s sort of bulky, and it’s not the most flattering shape, but you are guaranteed to see it all over the fashion blogs and magazines this fall and winter. It’s like the harem pants of coats! This one from Wilfred is in the perfect shade of camel, and made from a wool cashmere blend. Everyone truly needs a camel coloured wool jacket, and this one is right on trend for fall 2011.

Gender mixing splendor:

With androgynous clothing being all the rage right now (women wearing bowties, button-ups and loafers), it makes perfect sense to try out a more masculine cut coat. A double-breasted coat like this one from Zara has more manly structured shoulders, but still a feminine slimmer fit around the middle. It also has a military feel, so it really kills two trend birds with one metaphorical style stone. 

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