Essentials To Keep In Your Clutch

Clutches, whether for day or night, are always cute. However, finding room for your phone, keys, lip gloss, etc. can be nearly impossible. Here are a few life-saving beauty products and wardrobe-fixers that are tiny enough to keep in your clutch.

mark Hook Up
Don’t feel like bringing your entire make-up collection to the club? With mark’s Hook Ups, you can combine any two lip glosses, eyeliners, mascaras or skin treatments in one small package. We suggest combining the Pro Gloss Plumping Lip Shine and the Mini Mark-It Stick for Eyes.

Goody Mini Bobby Pins
Flyaways, sticking-up strands and out-of-place bangs can ruin an evening. To keep this from happening to you, toss a few bobby pins into your purse. Goody’s Mini Bobby Pins are our tried-and-true choice.

Hollywood Fashion Tape
Say goodbye to nip slips, fallen hems and gapping blouses. Hollywood Fashion Tape is double-sided tape that you can use to keep your garments (and your girls!) in place. It is safe for your skin and wont put holes in your clothes. This is a must-have in your clutch!

COMFORT-FLEX Clear Bandages
If you’re like most women, you’re a big of a masochist: You’re willing to put with cuts, blisters and bruises for stilettos. We get it. However, you don’t have to put up with the pain. Instead, throw a couple Band-Aids (you can even get clear ones!) into your clutch.

Bioré© Pore Perfect Shine Control Blotting Sheets
Your shiny, sweaty forehead and the flash of a digital camera. Never a good combination. With Bioré©’s Pore Perfect Shine Control Blotting Sheets, you can keep your face (and, therefore, your Facebook pictures) shine-free.

Whether you’re sitting beside your boss at a company dinner, getting friendly with your date or even just flirting with the bartender, fresh breath is a must. Throw a tin of Altoids mints in your clutch. You’ll thank us.

The Coach Poppy Mini Skinny
Dropping change all over the floor while you dig for your ID? Not classy. A slim, patent leather coin purse with an ID window? Definitely classy. The Coach Poppy Mini Skinny is the perfect way to keep all of money and cards in your clutch.

LUSH Gorilla Perfume
If you’re looking for a pint-sized perfume to keep in your purse, its LUSH’s Gorilla perfume. In addition to the regular size, these perfumes can be purchased in a skinny 9ml bottle or a tiny 2ml bottle “ both of which are perfect for a clutch! Not to mention, the Gorilla perfumes smell incredible.

Oral-B SATINfloss
You’re on a date with the man of your dreams and he points out the giant piece of spinach in your teeth. Embarrassing? Yes. The end of the world? Not if you’ve got floss. Having a roll of floss, such as Oral-B SATINfloss, in your purse can be the difference between I’ll call you and When can I see you again?

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