Underrated Guy Quality of the Month: Movie Buff

Checking out the latest offering at the Cineplex is a pretty common ritual when you’re in the early days of dating, but what does it mean when you move into more serious relationship territory and going to the movies doesn’t fall off of the regular rotation?

Not that you’d ever heard a girl complain that her guy wants to take her out TOO often, but the thought might cross your mind that watching movies is not exactly interactive; 3-D or otherwise!

Does spending a lot of your time together in the dark, staring away from one another in total silence for 90+ minutes mean that you’re in a rut? Au contraire!

It turns out that frequent moviegoers (“cinefiles” for the snobs among us) are actually considered more dynamic, assertive and creative than their non-movie loving peers. People who attend movies frequently are the types who know exactly what they want in life, and they are driven enough to make sure it happens. Movie buffs are also very open-minded, they like new experiences, and get this: they’re more likely to be optimists! They watch those opening credits believing that every time will be a rewarding experience – this is as opposed to a pessimist/non-frequent moviegoer who focuses on the effort and expense of going to the theatre.

There is one downside: Move buffs tend not to be very practical. The thought of waiting for a less costly rental, or waiting even longer to catch the movie on TV for free does not resonate with them at all.

So the next time your guy offers up the movies as a hot Saturday night option again, think about how lucky you are, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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