Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

Aside from all of the obvious benefits to covering your eyes in the summer “ like those dang UV rays that can cause long-term damage, it never hurts to choose a pair that looks good on your face.

Whether you’re selecting fun sunglasses for $10 or an investment pair that are $110, take your face shape into consideration to make the try-on process for this season’s accessory less daunting.

You have a wider cheekbone or forehead than your jawline, that tapers down at the chin. Look for frames that are bottom-heavy, by way of interesting shape or bright colours to add width to the bottom-half of your face. Round frames show off your strong chin and jawline. Avoid cat-eye frames, or other top-heavy frames that make your forehead seem unusually wide.
Famous heart-shaped faces: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Your face measures the same for the length and width, with full cheeks and rounded chin. Choose frames that will sharpen your features and give definition to your face, like geometric frames. Cat-eyes are great to draw attention to the top of your face, while glasses that connect at the top like an aviator will add interesting length to your face. Avoid frames that are too small and will seem like they are out of place on your face.
Famous round faces: Christina Ricci, Khloe Kardashian

You have a strong jaw line with a broad forehead and squared-off chin. Play off of these features with oval or round glasses to off-set the square shape of your face. Also play with cat-eye shapes, or go out on a limb with fun heart-shaped glasses. You’ll want to avoid choosing frames that are square that will make your face look boxy.
Famous square faces: Demi Moore, Sarah-Jessica Parker

The length of your face is around one and a half time longer than the width. High cheekbones and a narrow chin give you a lot of flexibility to play around with frames. Steer clear of large frames that can overpower your face.
Famous ovals: Julia Roberts, Courteney Cox


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