Celebrities Turned Fashion Designers

A lot of the time celebrities have a team of people telling them what to wear for every different occasion. However a naturally style savvy celeb is not completely unheard of. There are those stand-out style stars who have fashion running through their veins, and sometimes it is not enough just to look great on every red carpet, tabloid cover and fashion blog. Some stars opt to collaborate with already well-known brands and designers to create their own line of clothing. Check out these style stars that have gone from celeb, to designer in successful collaborations with major fashion labels.            

Sarah Jessica Parker/Halston
sarah jessica parker

Halston was a popular clothing designer of the 70s. When it came time to revive the brand under a new name, Halston Heritage, and a new leader, it was fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker who took on that challenge¦ conveniently just in time for the release of her new SATC movie which featured two Halston Heritage outfits. It was a short-lived collaboration, ending just months ago when SJP’s contract finished and she chose not to renew it. But we can all thank her for her influential role in bringing back pleated skirts and dresses as seen in many of her Halston Heritage designs.

Emma Watson/Alberta Ferretti
emma watson

What do you do when your days of being a teenage wizard come to an end? Become a fashion designer of course! Emma Watson, clearly the stand-out star of all the Harry Potter films, is known for her beauty, and impeccable style and grace on and off the red carpet. So she teamed up with People Free to collaborate on a collection for the fair trade brand, and also collaborated with Alberta Ferretti on a line of eco-chic, “organic clothing”, called Pure Threads.  She’s got heart, and style; truly a class act.

Kate Moss/Topshop
kate moss

Kate Moss is known for many things. She is one of the biggest supermodels of the 90s, one of the shortest supermodels ever, and has one of the most controversial private lives. She also happens to be an incredibly fashion forward and trendsetting lady. Starting in 2007 she began collaborating with Topshop. And over the years she has collaborated on 14 collections with the brand, all inspired by her own taste and unique sense of style.

Kate Bosworth/JewelMint
kate bosworth

Another actress who frequently ends up on best-dressed lists and fashion blogs is Kate Bosworth. In 2010 she launched a jewelry line with friend and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. They collaborate on the jewelry designs, and offer unique and stylish pieces to their website members at discounted prices. They also quiz you to find out your personal style, and recommend pieces you might like. It’s great business, and a great product¦ and it is very affordable.

Alexa Chung/Madewell
alexa chung

From model, to TV host, to journalist, to collaborative designer with Madewell, Alex Chung has been involved many different areas of the fashion industry. She began collaborating with J. Crew’s Madewell for fashion week in February 2010. This month she just released her second collection with the brand, and once again it is a hit. Chung’s modern style with an eclectic feel is all her own, but she has designed this line in a way that really appeals to the fashion masses. You can bet that there will be many more collections to come from this power team.

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