Best Clothes for a Pear-Shaped Body Type

Thanks to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Christina Hendricks, the hourglass figure has been praised and applauded, with more and more women embracing their curves and classic femininity. However, to dress a pear-shaped figure isn’t always the easiest, so with Kim Kardashian and Beyonce in mind, here’s how to stay stylish and embrace what looks best.

Cinch the middle
Staying true to the hourglass and pear-shape, it’s important to draw attention to your waist so that your chest and hips don’t overwhelm you. Stars like Reese Witherspoon succeed in boasting dresses with emphasized waists, creating space between curves as well as a flattering, proportional shape. Piggybacking on the popularity of 60s silhouettes, try belting pencil dresses or don skirts with emphasized waistlines and full bodies, channeling the costumes of Mad Men for that traditional vintage vibe

Don’t fear the skinny
While we’ve stressed time and time again to dress for your body type, it’s also important not to fear certain looks for fear of emphasizing the wrong thing. Hips are not to be cursed, and few things are as flattering as a well-tailored pair of mid-rise skinny jeans paired with wedges and a well-fitted blazer. Provided your jeans fit you well and you keep your ensemble looking classy, even if your denim is a slimmer style, you can create a flattering shape as long as you keep your outfit balanced.

When in doubt, jacket
No stranger to high fashion, you’ll notice that to keep her snug-fitting pants or denim in proportion, Kim Kardashian often opts for a blazer over a tank top or tee. Since pear-shaped bodies are more about the hips than they are about the chest, jackets and blazers help create a flattering shape provided they’re not worn too long over oversized. And if it’s too hot for pants? A Chanel-inspired jacket worn over a silhouette-hugging pencil dress is perfect to combat in-office air conditioning or chillier summer evenings.

Avoid the empire
Despite empire waists not exactly being advocated (this season or for the past year), it’s important to avoid a shape that will camouflage your waist and make you look shapeless. While we’ve all gravitated towards the billowy look on days of bloating or the overly warm, to opt for a style that emphasizes your curves without drawing attention to your middle will work to create an unbalanced silhouette that isn’t exactly flattering.

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