7 Canadian Fashion Brands That Are Killing It

When the Constitution Act was signed in Canada on On July 1, 1867 we technically became a British dominion, so historically our national holiday has always been a little lame. But times are changing and finally our girl Canada is surpassing her rivals. To the south Donald Trump is going all sorts of crazy and to the east the Brits have left Europe and One Direction has disbanded. So look who's laughing now. Not only do we have a pretty sweet prime minister who can casually explain quantum computing and do yoga, but recently our fashion has been making its way into American markets too. In celebration of Canada, the freshest #girlboss in NATO, we've narrowed down seven Canadian fashion brands that are absolutely killing it right now.

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If you don’t have a piece of clothing from Aritzia in your closet right now, I’ll eat my wide-brim Wilfred hat. Since it was launched in 1984 by CEO Brian Hill, Aritzia has expanded across Canada and is now breaking into the US market. Since 2014 16 American Aritzia stores have opened including a massive 13,000 flagship store in New York.

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