5 Times Zayn Malik Looked Tired of Being a Part of One Direction

One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik has quit the remainder of his international tour with the band, and went home to England for some much needed rest and relaxation. Malik is understandably suffering from stress, especially after recent cheating allegations made their way across the Internet, so he has decided to sign off for the remainder of the tour.

Anyone who follows 1D knows that Zayn has been looking a little blue lately. Here are five times Zayn looked exhausted from being part of the world biggest boy band:

1. In Melbourne, Australia

Dear God, do I really have to sing right now?

2. In Osaka, Japan

Come on man, hold it together.

3. In Bangkok, Thailand

These lyrics are so sad. I am so sad right now.

4. On the Jumbotron

I can’t even right now.

5. When he goes outside

Just take me home.

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