5 Style Inspirations from the 90s

History… and fashion always repeats itself. The ‘flare jeans’ from the 60s, the hair undercut from the 80s, and this time around, it looks like 90s are making a big comeback. Thanks to the fashion runways from this season, it’s safe to say that these five 90s trends will soon make their way into your wardrobe:

Crop Tops:
Show a little midriff. With lots of cute belly-button grazing tops on the market, it’s safe to say these are cute and trendy for back-to-school and fall nights out. Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, and Aritzia great options for hi-low, short sleeve and long sleeved cropped tops, in all sorts of prints (floral and chambray are both popular 90s repeats).

Body Suits/ Spandex Tops:

90s Trends Coming Back: Spandex Tops
Spandex! While we’re not repeating the thong body suit onsies popularized by 90s aerobics video, spandex and stretchy cottons are returning to the fashion scene. American Apparel and Beyoncé© returned one-piece spandex suits into our fashion consciousness, but prepare to see lots of these tight top silhouettes partnered with midi and maxi skirts this year.

Graphic/ Printed Tees: 

90s Trends Coming Back: Graphic Tees
Baggy boyfriend tees. The most comfortable wardrobe essential is now the perfect edgy companion to jeans and skirts. Look for simple printed tees that are meant to be worn a bit loose and styled with skinny jeans, or circle skirts. La Notte and Brian Lichtenberg have great menswear inspired prints.

Unbuttoned Shirts:

90s Trends Coming Back: Unbuttoned Shirts
Chambray, flannel and oxford shirts are your best friend. They can be worn well open with a printed tee and half tucked into jeans, skirts, or layered over a dress. And recently, the Olsens have been spotted around town with a flannel sweater tied around their waist. I guess the 90s pop-punk look is fully back.

New Balance Sneakers:

90s Trends Coming Back: New Balance Sneakers
While the Candy’s and Sketchers platform shoes haven’t made a comeback, the new balance sneakers are comfortable and chic this fall! Look for their New Balance 442 line, that has infinite colors and fabrics that look awesome with rolled up jeans.


Photo Credits: Lookbook.nu

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