Is Your Friend Dating an A**hole?

There is nothing worse than having to watch one of your nearest and dearest friends, one of the sweetest and most deserving people you know, getting treated like crap by an undeserving dude. But how do you go about making her see that she’s dating down?

Decipher between honesty and jealousy

He’s such a jerk right? Or is he? Sometimes taking a step back from the situation is all it takes to see that a touch of jealousy or the selfishness of not wanting to lose your friend could in fact be what is causing you to draw these conclusions about this guys. Before you do anything or say anything, be 100% sure this isn’t the case. Be honest with yourself, before you attempt to be “honest” with your friend, and figure out if you’ve got a case of the green-eyed monster before you go draw red devil horns.

Have evidence to back your claims

You can’t expect to walk into this conversation with your friend and throw around accusations of her man’s bad behaviour, without having some way to back them up. Make a list of all the things you’ve seen him do to her (right down to the date and place), as well as all the things you’ve heard about him that have been proven true by sources (cheating, jealousy, lying, etc). Study and know this list like the back of your hand before you even sit your girl down. Knowledge is power, my friend.

Make it about you, not her

This one might sound a little odd, but there is nothing that will throw your friend into defensive mode quite like starting off the conversation with “YOU are dating a d*uche!” instead, aim to put the focus more on your concerns for her well-being (“I’m really worried about you…”, “I feel like you’re not being treated well…”, etc). Trust us, she will be much more likely to open up and listen when this is the case.

Know when to walk away

So you’re starting to feel like you’ve done all you can do? You’ve talked to your friend, you’ve showed her the evidence, and you’ve basically proven to everyone (including, possibly, her) that this dude is a total waste of space…and yet, she is still with him. What?! That’s when you know it is time to walk away, my dear. Just walk away.

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