Best Shoes for Big Feet


Bigfoot. Duck feet. Swim fins… the list goes on and on, but when you have above-average sized feet, it can be daunting to go shoe shopping. Here are some shoe styles that will create the illusion of daintier feet.


This one is obvious, but a pair of stilettos will instantly whittle the size of your feet. Stay away from pointy toes, and look for heels with a low to no platform. This hot pink pair of pumps from Zara have a rounded toe, which will make your feet look dainty. The sky-high heel will also create an elegant curve in your foot and shorten the length of your foot as well.

Strappy Sandals

Distract with a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals. The straps will draw the eye up away from large soles and up to the tops of your feet. This pair from Nine West is full of drama and are so pretty, you won’t even care about size 10 feet!

Ankle Straps

The same can be said for ankle straps. A thick strap around the ankle will draw attention to your lovely ankles and calves and away from big feet. This style from Zara is one of the hottest trends this season, so embrace it!

Avant Garde

If you are still self-conscious about larger feet, look for a pair of heel-less or avant-garde heels. United Nude’s Eamz shoe is a classic design, and reversed heel is visually interesting, distracting from large feet and making the sole smaller.


Sky-High Wedges

Wedges can also shorten the length of your feet, and are extremely comfortable. This pair from Aldo has a gorgeous t-strap which will also create a visual distraction.



If you absolutely must wear flats, look for a pair with a small heel to give larger feet a bit of shape. Another tip is to find a pair of smoking slippers with embellishment. This pair from Nine West has a high vamp that shortens the length of your feet, and the feline crest is a pretty distraction as well! 

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