Your Bridesmaid Duties Decoded

Everyone is honoured at the thought of being a bridesmaid. Standing up next to a good (or possibly even mediocre) friend as they say their  “I Dos”. Being a bridesmaid is a once in a lifetime experience ¦ for each separate bride that is. But with all that responsibility comes even more pressure. What is expected of a bridesmaid? A maid of honour? Co-maids of honour?

When it comes down to it, a bride can always be asked what she wants. Who does she want to throw her shower(s), the bachelorette party. Does she even want a bachelorette party. Asking the bride is the easiest way of getting her on the same page with the other bridesmaids. (Whether or not she’ll give a straight answer is another story, but at least she was consulted first.) Once that’s out of the way, the bridesmaids should all have a meeting to discuss who’s in charge of what. Ask the bride for their contact info if there’s a mix of relatives and friends.

First, find out who is throwing the bride her wedding shower. (The mother of the bride can also be an excellent source of information.) If one isn’t scheduled, then it’s time for the bridesmaids to start planning. Send out the invitations, find a few bride-specific games to play, and bring some snacks and punch. Throwing a bachelorette party is also on the to-do list. But be sure to ask the bride what kind of party she wants before making any concrete plans.

The duties should be divided up equally, with the exception of the maid of honor, who should be given the most responsibility. For example, if at the bachelorette party, everyone is bringing a snack, perhaps the maid of honour can be in charge of picking out the gift. Being named the maid of honour is a special honor and one should take it seriously.

Other than the parties, a bridesmaid’s job is to keep their bride happy. Does she want their advice on her dress? Does she need help putting together invitations or center pieces? Cleaning or rearranging the venue? Ask her what she needs help with frequently and make sure she knows her tasks aren’t a hassle or bothersome. No one is asking the bridesmaids to drop their own schedules, but taking some extra time to help will take pressure off the bride.

Finally comes the speech. A wedding toast is a tradition that is given by the maid of honour after the ceremony. Or, in the case of co-maids of honour, two speeches can be given, or even a co-speech where the lines are shared. This toast should be a thought-through and personal. Give an anecdote about the brand new bride, or tell a (tasteful) joke. It doesn’t have to be professional, just something to show the bride her maid(s) of honour cared enough to create a toast just for her.

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