Why stay single?

You’re free as a bird and enjoying the view. Being single gives you unique perspective and time to really focus on what makes you thrive. Enjoy every part of going solo with these five reasons to maintain your single status.

You can command your career
Sometimes, to get ahead you have to get there early, log a lot of late nights, work through your weekends and rack up frequent flyer miles. You can do all of this as a single lady without being saddled with all the guilt trips and the pressure to be home for dinner.  

You can do what you please
Whether you are looking to stabilize your finances, earn a Master’s degree or buy your own home, you can afford to commit the time and money, as it all belongs to you. 

The possibilities are endless for even the simple things: there’s no one to answer to for your most recent shopping spree; no one has to know you’ve eaten takeout sushi three nights in a row; and you can do your loudest Taylor Swift impersonation in the shower (c’mon, you know you do) without worrying about critics beyond the bathroom door.

You don’t have to hang out with (and pretend to like) his friends
Your time is precious and it’s important to do what you enjoy and surround your single self with those who entertain, challenge and support you. There’s no compromising on who you socialize with, how long you have to suffer through Monday Night Football or where you’ll have brunch.

Your time is your own and it’s all up to you.

You don’t have to explain how an entire pan of brownies disappeared in a single night
Hey, it happens. You can eat what you like, and watch what you like while you lay on the couch wearing whatever you like. There’s no one to impress, to judge or to appease.

This is one of the sweeter moments (brownies included) in the life of the single gal.

You only have one set of parents to please
The stress of inlaws doesn’t concern you right now “ enjoy it. Since you’re no one’s better half, you’re not forced to constantly split your time during the holidays and other special occasions. That means the only parents you have to lock horns with are your own, and, single or not, there’s nothing that can be done about that!


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