Why Friendsmas Is My Favourite Part Of The Holidays

The season of holiday parties and gatherings is in full swing and while I love all of the sparkly festive outfits and libations that come with larger parties, hanging at home and making a really great meal with some key friends is so much more my scene.

A lot of us grow up having Christmas traditions, and while I am a huge fan of always upholding traditions, sometimes they just dwindle on their own. As you become some variation of an adult, you start to understand family dynamics better. And as you grow up, part of this understanding can be that there have been adult issues you missed as a young little thing. And, of course, once you become an adult, you may even be a part of that whole dynamic, too. So while family gatherings are still a lovely (and necessary) part of the holiday season, this year I’m all about the Friendsmas, and here’s why:

It’s drama-free

Insert cheesy line Friends are the family you choose here. But actually, friends are the people you actually want to spend your time with and are the ones that get to hear about all the zany family drama.

I can wear stretchy pants

Usually when I go to holiday family dinners, everyone dresses up a little bit. Sure, you can get away with leggings as long as the top is fancy enough, but only at Friendsmas can you wear yoga pants or even pj’s, which means you can eat all you want without being at the mercy of a real waistband.

You can watch movies

Once you get to a certain point in your life, it stops being acceptable to leave the table immediately after dinner to watch The Santa Clause, but at Friendsmas everyone wants to watch that and the funny sequel (but not the third one because it sucked). Better yet, if you want to, you can even watch while you’re eating dinner.

You can create new traditions

One of the best parts of Friendsmas is bringing together all of your traditions and making new ones. Trying new dishes, cooking things together and having a fancy dinner party without the fancy (because stretchy pants).

Ultimately, it’s just a girl’s night in

Which is basically the best part. Food, wine, maybe some presents, festive movies and relaxing with some of the best peeps”ones you definitely want to have around.

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