Who Should Say “I Like You” First?

Should you tell a guy you like him first or wait until he makes the move? Dating can become a game of strategy, especially in the beginning. We women think we know men, but in fact their turn ons may surprise us. So, next time you consider keeping your feelings quiet and let him drop the hints first, reconsider. Your confession shows him that you are a mature and dignified lady who isn’t afraid of going after what she wants and he will find that extremely sexy. Here are some tips on how to tell him you like him.

No Joking Around
Cute is great, but it isn’t a turn on. If you drop the fact that you like him into a playful joke, he won’t know if you are being serious or just kidding around. When you tell him, make sure he knows you mean it. If you are feeling insecure, it may be easier to let the information spill while you are being silly. A sincere statement says a lot about your confidence, and men love a confident woman.

In Person
Avoid telling him on Facebook or by text, an in person confession allows for a better reaction (hint: a kiss!). Sure, it is easy to say something via chat but, it takes more effort to reveal your feelings in person. Plus, what follows your revelation (wink) is much better done face to face!

Straight to the Point
No need for a big speech, telling him how you feel is as simple as I like you. If you get tangled up in words, what you really want to say may not come out as clearly. Plus, you don’t want to give it all away right off the bat. Save some of that sweet talk for later.

The Right Moment
It all comes down to finding the right moment to open up your heart. Some prefer to wait until you are saying goodbye at the end of the night, but why not start off your date by telling him you like him? It may give your night the boost that it needs and allow you to get it out of the way and enjoy yourself.

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