What Does Your Dating Record Say About You?

Our reputations are at stake every day. Whether you hope to come off as a do-gooder or a bad ass, people judge you based on our image, intelligence and believe it or not, even who you’re dating. I can’t believe she is dating him. Sound familiar? We preach about not judging a book by its cover, but do we forget when it comes to judging someone based on their boyfriend or girlfriend? Find out what your dating record says about you.

Serial Kisser

Does your dating life resemble a season of Gossip Girl? If you have a new boyfriend every week, don’t be surprised if men see you as easy prey. The secret is out that you are a commitmentphobe (clearly you can’t stick to anything) so people see you as the perfect one night stand. If this is not how you’d hope you would come across, try taking a break from falling head over heels in love every time you meet a guy. Take it slow, who knows? It could last a whole month!

Monster Magnet

If you are known for dating bad boys, your circle of friends may start to distance themselves from you. No one wants to be around the guy who is always getting into trouble or having temper tantrums. His reputation will start to rub off on you. If you stand by him through all his lows, you’d be wrong to think people won’t start thinking that way about you too. You might think you are being a saint and that you’ll be the one to change him, but sometimes a bad boy is just another name for a douche bag.

Lonely Girl

Are you always without a plus one? You feel confident being on your own, you don’t need a guy to satisfy your needs. But, your friends may start to worry that you are missing out. Although you are fine with your situation, it couldn’t hurt to meet someone new. Before your BFFs start lining up blind dates, go out and let loose a little. Go get that hot guy at Starbucks’ number.

Missing in Action

If you are the type who when they are dating someone bails on their friends and hibernates in your love nest, some may think you are a lousy pal. The minute you get a boyfriend, you switch off your phone, stop checking your Facebook and gain ten pounds of boyfriend weight. It is time for you to invest in a girl’s night out. Ignoring your friends because you have a boyfriend can damage your relationships; your man should understand you need some time away from him.

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