Wedding Gifts: Skipping the Registry


When you’re at “that age” and it feels like everyone you know is getting married, you can sometimes feel like you know the local department store’s gift registry way too well. You know what code name refers to specific items, the price of every teacup and the exact shelf where the nicest coffee maker can be found. You know it like the back of your hand because everyone is registering for the same stuff. Boring!

If you know a couple well enough, it can be a nice gesture to buy something off their registry. This also leaves more items on the list for wedding guests coming from out of town or older relatives who aren’t sure what the couple needs.

You, though, can buy something that will stand out if you do one of the following:

Choose something one-of-a-kind

Just buying something off the registry doesn’t mean the couple won’t receive multiples. The only way to guarantee they won’t get a duplicate of your gift is to buy something handmade or one of a kind – and that need not mean tacky or ugly. Your best bet is to browse Etsy for something really special. You’ll find all kinds of artisans and can filter by type of item, location of seller, personalized items for the bride and groom, and so on.

Choose something practical

If you know there’s one thing the bride and groom desperately need for their home and they didn’t add it to their registry, buy it for them! If you’ve been there for dinner and not been able to open a bottle of wine, get them a nice corkscrew or wine set.

Choose something timeless

Trendy pieces of art or cool little gadgets might be great in the moment, but they also may not stand the test of time. Seek out timeless items that the couple won’t be embarrassed to get out of the cupboard in twenty years. Solid colours and good quality products usually do the trick. You don’t have to get something with all kinds of bells and whistles for it to make an impression.

Choose something that matches

Check out what the couple does have on their registry, then use the colours and styles as inspiration to find something at another store that goes with what they’ve selected. They’ll appreciate the thought and the fact that your gift goes with everything else they’ll receive, but isn’t something they scanned at the store themselves.

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