Ways a Dog Can Help You Meet Men

There are many ways to meet men, but there is no denying that having a dog makes connecting with people in general, and men in particular, much easier. After all, guys love dogs. And you love your dog. Could there be a better beginning? They help break the ice, give you plenty to talk about and tons in common. So get serious: you can only take so many sloppy dog kisses before you start longing for better breath (one hopes) and a firmer paw, er, handshake. Whether you’re new to the dog community or have never thought to mine it for men, here are some ways your pooch can help you find a different kind of love in your life.


Dog parks. Set your dog loose with the others while you subtly scan the owners from behind your oversized sunnies. When you see someone who looks interesting (read: cute), inquire about his dog. Throw out a compliment about the animal’s looks, athleticism, whatever stands out, and go from there.

Animal shelters. If you have the time, volunteer “ even if you don’t meet the dog-loving love of your life, you’re still doing a good thing. Alternatively, stop by with some donations (blankets, towels, dog food) and while you’re visiting the dogs, keep an eye out for other browsers as well.

The vet’s office. With time to kill in the waiting room, conversation will come easy with a slew of men and their pets (so what if he’s got a cat “don’t narrow your options). Or maybe your vet is handsome and single “ you’ve always wanted to date a doctor.

Pet supply stores. Most allow you to bring in your dog if he’s leashed, so take your time as you stroll the aisles. Pause in front of the bags of kibble (beside the guy with the Goldie-Poo) and ask his opinion on raw food doggie diets.

Your daily walk. Switch up your regular route, try a new neighbourhood or a park across town, and find a great outdoor patio where you can sit together and watch the people (men) go by “ it’ll be an exciting change for you and your dog.

Social groups and canine classes. Enroll in an obedience training class or social group that meets with dogs “ some are tailored to single dog lovers looking to meet their match.


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