Valentine’s Gifts For People Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Steer clear of the pink and red, heart-adorned aisles. For V-day haters, a little more unconventional gift is the only option that will fly this Feb. 14th. Here are 5 ideas that are more meaningful than an oversized, heart-shaped box of confections, and less cheesy than a heart shaped pizza from Dominos. 
Really good chocolate
Good quality chocolate – high cacao, high fat, high flavour, and a price tag to match – is a superior experience. Why? Good chocolate free of fillers like refined sugars and vegetable oil deliver pure antioxidants, feel good endorphins and flavanols that improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. And it also tastes better. Now that’s the real deal.   
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Your hand picked selection of craft beer / favourite wine
If splurging on top quality sippers isn't something your partner usually does for themselves, treat them to a stocked up home bar. They'll love you more and more with every twisted off cap after a hard day's work the frosty month of February. 
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Dirty fridge magnet poetry
For writers with a good sense of humour, or just those who appreciate some added humour in their dé©cor, some risqué© fridge magnet poetry is a quirky gift that will spark conversations and a few laughs. (Or … the next great American novel? You never know.) 
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
A super-fun board game
If you haven't ventured into the world of Settlers of Catan or gotten hooked on Risk, Monopoly, or Snatch! introduce your partner to a new winter love affair. For word-smiths, Scrabble is a classic. For competitive thinkers, Trivial Persuit or Chess. For tactile party animals with a penchant for getting competitive, Twister. An addictive board game will make those winter nights fly by. 
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
A gift card to your partner's favourite restaurant
Dinner on you is a simple experiential gift that you and your partner can enjoy together. That’s what Valentines day should be all about, spending time together. 
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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