Unusual First Date Ideas

If you’re sick of the endless stream of movie and dinner dates, try out one of these quirky ideas.

1. Challenge him to a round of paintball. If he works well with the team and acts chivalrous, he may be worth a second date.

2. Get your fortune read by a local psychic, but don’t ask about your future relationship with the guy. That would be a bit creepy.

3. Take a kissing class together. It’s an opportunity to determine whether there is any chemistry, and you may learn a few new tricks too. Plus, if he sucks in that department, hopefully he improves with a bit of instruction.

4. Head to the woods, climb trees, and build a fort.

5. Break out the video camera and create a weird YouTube video or a fake commercial. You never know, it may be the next viral video!

6. If you are not sure where to eat, try hitting a few different places. Have an appetizer in one restaurant, a main course at another, and dessert somewhere else. You can even create a theme like Around the world and head to places that specialize in meals from different countries.

7. Grab your art kit and create a Paper Mache masterpiece or a collaborative chalk drawing together. You can even break out some play-doh and make a city.

8. Find out if he has any skill in the kitchen by baking a cake together. Whatever you two end up creating, make sure he tests it first.

9. Go costume shopping at a local flea market or second hand store, and then wear your costumes out mini golfing.

10. Go on a photo scavenger hunt adventure. Create a list of things you need to find, grab your camera and stroll around the city. You never know what may happen, or what you will find!

11. Write a story together. It may provide you with some valuable insight into the way his mind works.

12. Grab a takeout dinner and eat in an odd or random place like a train station, playground, or the pitcher’s mound of a baseball field.

13. Do a bit of research online and explore a local haunted house. You’ll have an excuse to hold his hand if you get a bit scared, and you might even encounter a ghost.

14. Support a local charity by volunteering together. You can serve meals at a soup kitchen, collect donations, or play games with the elderly at a nursing home. If he’s not up for supporting a worthwhile cause, then that says something in itself.

15. Handcuff yourselves together for the entire date. You may get a few odd looks, but at least it will be interesting.

16. Dress up as pirates and have a sword fight. You can also head to a pet store and try to buy a parrot. Tell the shopkeeper you want to buy it with some ˜booty’.

17. Make up fake backgrounds and personality traits for each other. Try to stay in character throughout the date.

18. Find the events page in the newspaper. Close your eyes, point randomly at the page, and then head to the event you land on. You may end up at a pancake breakfast, a park concert, or an art show. Let fate decide!

19. Take a tour of a manufacturing company that makes a unique item. Hopefully you’ll both learn something new, and they usually give you product samples at the end.

20. Drive around in search of open houses and pretend you’re a newly married couple looking for their first home. You never know, maybe one day you actually will be!

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    Wonderful and unusual date ideas! In the course of the most recent year, we have had an incredible time going on a larger number of dates than we have before, regardless of the possibility that our arranged dates haven’t generally gone by my ground breaking strategy. The essential this is we organized getting to know each other and going out on dates.

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