Timeless Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Christmas can be a stressful time for us ladies. We mean, afterall, you’ve got your family to buy for, your friends to buy for, and then, on top of it all, you’ve got your special someone to buy for. While here’s a hint ladies: men aren’t rocket science and neither is gift giving for them. When all else fails at Christmas, there are a number of staple, classic gifts for men that never, ever go out of style.

Whether or not your guy has a signature scent of his own, we don’t know any female out there who doesn’t like their man to smell good. Most colognes can be purchased for under $50 (for those ladies on a budget), with even the high end ones being less than $100. Believe us, invest some time in finding a scent you will both enjoy and this will truly be a gift that is a win-win for you both. 

Never want your man to be late for another date? Then a watch is always the perfect gift. In our era of cell phone dependency, a good, stylish, high quality watch (see: Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Tag Heuer) is something more men are no longer investing in for themselves. But really, is there anything sexier than a guy with a good watch? Never.

Electric Shaver
Sick and tired of listening to your guy complain about how annoying his daily shave routine is? (we wouldn’t even want to know what they’d be like if men had to shave their legs and underarms too.) Then an electric shaver should definitely be on your must-buy list this season. Do your research and make sure you get him a good quality shaver that will provide him with the best results for his specific type of shaving issues.

Where does one even begin with all the gadgets that are at our disposal these days? There are laptops and tablets and cameras and phones¦and chance are, your guy probably wants them all. Narrow down your options by affordability, desirability, and of course the overall hotness of the product to find your guy the perfect toy for him to enjoy all holiday long.

Hands down this is one of the longest standing, staple gifts you can give to a guy (and a sure fire way to guarantee that he’ll be willing to whip out his wallet on dates for the foreseeable future!) Step up your gift a notch by picking out a wallet from a high-end brand such as Louis Vuitton and then having it personally engraved or monogrammed with your guy’s initials. 

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