Turn up your Summer Romance With These Date Tips

Summer is the perfect time to get outside with your date and enjoy warm evening breezes, the stars in the sky, and quiet walks on the beach. Some of this may sound cliché© to you, but there are fun ways to spice up your “typical” summer date and turn up the romance a bit.

The Picnic
For extra romance, find an outdoor venue that is featuring a concert – not rock or pop, but maybe some classical music. Then all you need is a blanket and your picnic basket and you’ve turned this summer date into a romantic concert for two. Your town or city may also offer a free movie night or outdoor plays, which can be just as romantic as a concert when done right. Don’t forget the bug candle! If you and your date would rather hike than lounge, try having your picnic at the end of a picturesque hike. (Nothing too strenuous, there’s nothing romantic about being sweaty.)

Ball Game 
Instead of the classic date at the major league ball park, find out from your friends with children when the next youth baseball game is being held. You’ll get the excitement of a game without the crowds and expense. Pack a picnic lunch, and then take some time to stroll over to the playground and push each other on the swings. Sometimes innocent summer fun can be very romantic.

Drive-In Movie
Go see a classic horror movie if you can. Romance and horror, you ask? But the two of you can jump in unison when the killer pops out of the closet, and then comfort each other with a hug. Or more.  If you don’t have a drive-in theatre nearby, plan an outdoor summer movie viewing with a laptop, a bottle of wine and a blanket. Watching a movie under the summer stars while sipping wine, whether in a car or on a blanket, can be a very romantic date.

Pool side dinner
If one of you has a pool (or access to a private one), this can be a very romantic summer date.  Keep the menu simple and focus instead on the summer romance with floating candles in the pool and maybe a small fire if the evenings get cool where you live. Is there anything more romantic than a night sky reflecting in the water, even if it is your pool? 

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