Try These Sexy Alternatives to the Bedroom

Are things feeling stale in the bedroom? You can totally improve your sex life without even leaving the house. Just get out of the bedroom! A new location makes for a completely new experience – you might be surprised at how your imaginations run wild outside the walls of the bedroom. Here are 5 rooms that are great for fun sex. 

The home office. It’s all business in the home office – sex is usually the last thing on your or your partner’s mind here (or at least, should be the last thing). What makes something even more irresistible? When you’re not supposed to have it. Clear that desk and let your minds, and hands, wander. Bonus points for wearing office attire. Heels, a tie, and reading glasses all of a sudden seem super sexy.

The hall. The hallway is a sexy place to do it because it implies you couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom to tear each other’ clothes off. There’s an urgency behind sex in the hallway. Tension is high when you’re both standing up, pressing each other up against the wall. This is a place to be more forceful than you would in the bedroom.

The laundry room. Thought the laundry room was boring? Although no one ever hangs out here except when going laundry, this room is alive with noise and movement. You’ve probably heard the urban legend of sex on the dryer. You’ll never know unless you try it for yourself! Crank that spin cycle and let loose.

The kitchen. There’s a reason why people tend to gravitate toward the kitchen at a party – it’s the most sensual room in the house. It’s where cooking, eating, drinking and talking happens. There’s something nurturing about being in the kitchen, and yet, stripping down and doing it on the counter (or at the table – check out #3 of our 10 bedroom moves you’ve never tried) feels so wrong. If you’ve got roommates and they’re not home, getting down and dirty in here feels extra naughty.

The back seat of your car. Remember “going for a drive” when you were teenagers so you could get some privacy from the parents? Relive those clandestine nights with your partner and drive to a leafy location near you, park it, and play some sexy music. Makeout point can be anywhere.

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