Three’s Company

Ideally in a relationship you want your boyfriend to adore your friends and vice versa, right?  Yes, but sometimes they can get a little too cozy for your comfort.  You may have a good-time-gal friend who you loved to call when you were single to tear up the town with.  But now, you can’t stand having her around because she’s just a little too flirty with your guy (and maybe even calling him, texting him, etc. behind your back). How do you deal with this gal pal?

Here are a few possibilities:

Just stop thinking she’s funnier, cooler, and better than you.
Ok, so she’s wowed everyone before, and when you were single, she always got the guy, without fail.  Newsflash “ you are now with the guy.  The absolute worst-case scenario is he looks at her “ forgets why he liked you “ and attempts to date your friend.  If that’s the case “ you are so better off (and your bf is um, a scum-bag).  Why would you want to be with someone that doesn’t like you the most in the first place? Pull it together. 

Kick her to the curb.
If your friend is really that morally depraved and there is no doubt in your mind that she would cross the line with your guy, then it’s time to re-evaluate your ‘friendship.’  So what if she got you a whole-lotta-dates while you were going through the 2pm ice cream, pajama pant phase “ if you can’t trust your friends than who can you really trust?

Let’s be serious!
If you’re getting jealous over girls you know (hussie or not) what are you like when you don’t know the ladies.  You likely just don’t trust your boyfriend and like every therapist will tell you, (and the movie Moulin Rouge) without trust, there is no love!  

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