Things You Say That Make Him Smitten

Men aren’t the only ones who can sweet talk their way into your heart; women can be smooth talkers too. Certain things you say will make him fall head over heels for you in a second. But, it isn’t all about one-liners; you have to be a great listener in order to be a savvy talker. Chat him up with these tips and tricks.

Surprise him with your memory

Remembering his favourite ice cream flavour or his most treasured childhood toy and bringing it up casually in a conversation will completely floor him. He doesn’t expect you to remember these little details about him and when you do it shows that you have a genuine interest in him.

Compliment his style

Men are used to telling women that we look drop dead sexy in our little black dress, but throwing that compliment back at him when he cleans up will really give him a boost of confidence. Hearing that he looks like a movie star will pick up his mood and make him want to show you how sexy he really can be (wink, wink!).

Out-do his affection

If your beau is ultra affectionate and enjoys telling you how much he loves you. A simple I love you more goes a long way. He is used to showering you with compliments, but sending it back and outdoing him will make him feel awfully special.

Be Decisive

It is tough to be the man in the relationship and always having to come up with the perfect date ideas. Next time he asks you what you want to do, surprise him by telling him exactly what you want. No more whatever you want to do. Your decisiveness and ability to take control is extremely attractive to him!

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