Summer Fun For Him and Her

The days are longer, the sunny days are plentiful and the drinks just keep coming! Everyone seems to be more active and doing more things during the summer, and the same goes for you and your man. To make the most of your time together this summer (and time out of the office!) try to find some activities that you both will enjoy. Spending quality time together shouldn’t be a chore, and the summer is a great time to do those things you have been putting off. Make a list together of those things on your summer bucket list and nix the ones that don’t interest both of you. 

1. Getting outside is always a crowd pleaser. If you both love exercise and the outdoors, than look no further for a compatible weekend activity. Entice him with a homemade picnic lunch, lace up the runners, fill up the water bottles, and explore the great outdoors together. Being alone with nature will allow you time together uninterrupted by the world’s many distractions. It may force you to have that messy conversation you have been putting off, or it may cause you to learn some things about each other you didn’t know. Either way, spending time together and staying active will be great for the relationship and leave you feeling good. 

2. If you are feeling like a lazy Sunday, but promised each other some quality time after a busy work week, turn your low-key day into a ˜staycation’ of sorts. Put on some mellow island-inspired music, blend up some fruity drinks, open the windows and feel the summer breeze, and put together some make-shift deck chairs or beach towels for the two of you right there in the living room. Mixing things up in your home can be spontaneous and liberating, and increase the passion and spark between the two of you. Lounge all day together amidst intermittent cuddle sessions, and keep those drinks coming! 

3. While alone time is important, time with friends in the summer can be a blast! Hopefully you will have some mutual friends, or at least get a long with each other’s buds. Get some of your girls and some of his guys together for a night out at the waterfront restaurant, for a pick-up game of baseball in the park, or just for drinks at the local pub or bar. This is a great solution when one of you has plans, and the other doesn’t. It may take a bit of organizing, but with everyone getting along and having a great time on a summer night, it will be like magic! 

If you really can’t find a compromise on something fun to do, then do both! Agree to do your guy’s idea one night and yours the next. Keep an open mind, try to enjoy yourself, and maybe you will surprised at what fun you have! 

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