The Slow Fade: The Breakup Trend That Has Us Baffled

Let’s be serious ladies, dating and breaking up are hard enough when we do know what is going on with our dude, but when we don’t have a clue what’s happening in that strange little brain of theirs? Well that’s just basically the worst thing ever.

Enter “the slow fade” – the most cowardly trick in the book that is becoming more and more commonplace amongst men as a breakup tactic that allows them to fade away into oblivion while we are left pondering just exactly where is all went wrong. Well fear not, ladies, we have all the tools you need to identify and demolish the next man who attempts to fade you out.

Know the signs

Some will be more obvious then others but truth be told, the best way to protect yourself from the fade-out is to know the signs – the unanswered texts, the social media drop off, the cancelled dates, and the lame excuses (ie. “my cellphone died”, “I fell asleep at 7pm”, “blahblahblah”).

Be realistic

We know, you’re reading this right now and looking at those signs and thinking “well yeah, he has done that, but….” No girl, listen to us, there is no “buts” about this… if you have been experiencing one or all of those signs listed above the truth of the matter is (no matter how much you try and deny it) that you are getting “faded”.

Be polite

So now that we’ve helped you decipher exactly what he’s doing, you’re not going to sit around and just let him get away with it are you? No way. But let’s remember that in his mind he thinks he is trying to spare your feelings and so, he gets one shot at you being polite…“Hey, just noticing that we haven’t been talking much lately or hanging out anymore, just wondering if something is up?”

But don’t be afraid to be mean

The long and short is that this dude is a big ol’ scaredy pants who is petrified of looking like the bad guy. The truth is that you calling him out might actually make him defensive and angry that you assume he is trying to end things. Word to the wise, don’t play this game with him, there is nothing wrong with being the bad guy here and we give you full permission to be as mean as you want to be. He deserves it.


Don’t ever believe that this was your fault. He is a coward. End of story. Move on.

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