Sexual Compatibility Based On Your Zodiac Sign

BEFORE YOU SWIPE RIGHT: Find out your prospect’s birthday to determine how your signs might get (it) on. In some cases, opposites attract. In others, close neighbours in the zodiac make the best match, or a fire signs heats up a water, or air fans flames, etc, etc. Find out what’s the case with you and your hopeful suitor and THANK ME LATER.

ARIES (March 21 “ April 19)

Best match: Aquarius or Leo. Firey Aries have some exciting chemistry with fixed signs like Aquarius or Leo, who also have a lot of dynamic energy to bring to the table. There’s no stopping either of these matches — good times lay ahead.

Worst match: Cancer. In most cases, headstrong Aries will be too overpowering for intuitive Cancer.

TAURUS (April 20 “ May 20)

Best match: Cancer. Luxury-loving Taurus and romantic, feeling Cancer can easily create a ˜time stop’ kind of experience.

Worst match: Gemini. Light-hearted Gemini loves variety and seeks newness, and rock-solid Taurus usually hates change; they both tend to want different things in bed. (Though, they could make it work if they are seeking something more long term.)

GEMINI  (May 21 “ June 20)

Best match: Libra or Aquarius. These quick-witted, energetic air signs can have awesome banter-y fun together and can debate their way to any big, world-changing answer. They’re both altruistic, and their ideas will inspire each other.

Worst match: Pisces. Air sign Gemini evaporates water sign Pisces, so each sign’s magic is lost in this match.

CANCER (June 21 “ July 22)

Best match: Taurus or Scorpio. With a sensuous earth sign like Taurus, a Cancer will be seen and paid quality attention to — these signs both like one-on-one time. Scorpio, a no-filter water sign who’s also perceptive, can bring a cancer out of her shell.

Worst match: Leo. Fire and water clash and Cancer will often be left feeling unnoticed or underappreciated by dominant Leo.

LEO (July 23 “ August 22)

Best match: Aries or Libra. A fire sign like Aries will bring some heat to this match, while an air sign like balanced Libra can also stoke the Leo’s flames and bring out some primal feels.

Worst match: Pisces. This pensive water sign won’t often match well with a bold fire sign like Leo; fire evaporates water, (or can make it boil), or water can straight up put the fire out. It takes a unique pair to make this match work — because it could, and if it does, it could be a great complement, long-term relationship-wise.

VIRGO (August 23 “ September 22)

Best match: Scorpio. Together, a Scorpio and a Virgo tend to cut right to the chase, no beating around the bush. These two exacting signs usually have no problem saying, and getting what they want in their relationships. 

Worst match: Gemini. Both signs are thinkers, but they’re in their heads in different ways — Virgos are meticulous and tend to love order, and free-spirited Geminis are repelled by it. The Gemini will be content to chill in bed all morning and the Virgo will want to get up, shower, and go. 

LIBRA (September 23 “ October 22)

Best match: Leo or Gemini. Leo’s confidence and Libra’s love of beauty will inspire each other; they can have really romantic conversations. With a Gemini, a Libra will have met her match when it comes to charm — these two are cool, collected charmers who can talk their way into or out of anything.

Worst match: Capricorn. These two signs have a hard time seeing eye to eye. Justice-driven Libra hates any form of conflict, and results-driven Capricorn will do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it means pushing boundaries. 

SCORPIO (October 23 “ November 21)

Best match: Pisces or Scorpio. A Scorpio with another Scorpio, or a Pisces means things are about to get freaky. Scorpio is the femme fatale of the zodiac, and can make some magic with another deep-feeling, intense sign, and Pisces works. 

Worst match: Sagittarius. These signs can make each other laugh and can totally enjoy a good casual hang — even a great friendship or work alliance, but when it comes to sex, vulnerability enters the equation and you’re like two primal creatures wondering if you’re unsafe.  

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 “ December 21)

Best match: Aquarius. These two are both intellectual and love excitement and have no problem creating it in any situation. (This is the kind of match where waiting in line at the grocery store is fun.)

Worst match: Scorpio. There’s too much spark in this match. These signs, on a bad day, can tend toward being defensive and suspicious. In bed, they can feel estranged together. 

CAPRICORN (December 22 “ January 19)

Best match: Taurus. These two earth signs will plot and scheme the best most grand sexy night ever and it’ll go down to the max. This is the kind of relationship that also feels comfortable, but that leads to wanting more. 

Worst match: Aries. They’ll both plan the epic night, but either one is likely to get too controlling about it and it could quickly devolve into a power struggle (BUT maybe that’s a good thing).

AQUARIUS (January 20 “ February 18)

Best match: Sagittarius or Aries. Sagittarius is an intellectual sign too, and both love to laugh and experiment. Together, they can feel like teens again — that ‘them against the world’ kind of partnership. With an Aries, the dynamic can be either super stressful or super exciting — either way, these signs bring out intensity in each other.

Worst match: Taurus. Taurus moves slow, with intention. Aquarius moves quickly, and wants to defy convention. 

PISCES (February 19 “ March 20)

Best match: Scorpio or Cancer. With these other water signs, Pisces magic really comes out. The gentle water signs sometimes need each other to do that. 

Worst match: Gemini. Free-flowing water sign Pisces and free-spirited Gemini are apt to glide off in different directions mentally and emotionally. 


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