Sexting: Avoid These Mistakes

Sexting, the practice of sending explicit text messages and the occasional racy photo, is a fun way to keep your relationship hot. A little exchange of sexy messages, maybe even a photo or two, and the two of you can’t wait to be together again. Sexting seems harmless enough, just a sexy exchange between two consenting adults, no different than a titillating voice mail or love note. But sexting holds its own set of embarrassing and potentially dangerous problems that every modern girl should be aware of. So before you sext your guy about how hot he makes you feel, or send him a picture of your girls at their most bodacious (even if you haven’t done that you’ve thought about it, admit it), take a few minutes to review these common mistakes.

Don’t sext what you wouldn’t say.
Sexting can give you a deceiving feeling of being anonymous (after all, it’s just a text), but the opposite is true. Sexting is out there forever, whether just to the recipient or others. Some people erroneously believe that text-messaging cannot be tracked “ not true, all it takes is the installation of a little software. And have you ever heard of a little thing called forwarding? So avoid this mistake at all costs.

Don’t do it drunk.
Drunk sexting is just like drunk dialing “ you’ll say things you don’t mean and regret them in the morning. And drunk sexting is worse than drunk dialing because now there is proof of your idiocy that can be forwarded to friends and enemies alike.  If you think rambling drunk voice mails are embarrassing, wait until that picture of you hits the net “ do your best to avoid this mistake.

Check twice before hitting send.
If you have your parents and your boss in your contacts on your phone, double (or triple) check before sexting someone. Your mom and dad don’t need to think of you that way, never mind your boss (talk about a mistake).  This is also why drunk sexting is a no-no (see above.)

Keep your phone locked. 
If you’ve ever tossed your purse in your car and then heard that hello? you know it’s easy to accidentally call someone by mistake without even meaning to use your phone (sometimes called ass dialing by those who sit on their phones.) Now imagine that happening in a sexting situation. Keeping your phone locked will also prevent someone else from picking it up and getting a surprise viewing.

Choose your sexting partner wisely.
Much like sex itself, don’t engage in sexting with people you don’t trust (or don’t know!)  You don’t want to encourage a stalker (or worse), or sext someone who will share your message and photos with others. While most guys probably wouldn’t object to you sexting them,  you don’t want to do it to the one guy who takes offense. Exchanging sexy texts with an untrustworthy or unknown partner is a huge mistake.

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