Relationships are Kind of Like Avocados

The best ones are a dime a dozen, but when you have a good one you sure do appreciate it.

Avocados are built around a strong core

Well, technically it’s a seed, but you get the gist. Great relationships have a strong core”whether you share the same beliefs or not, you have a mutual respect for each other and importantly, feel 100% comfortable with each other. You know what your significant other looks like when they haven’t showered in days and you can talk to them about your insecurities knowing that they’ll be supportive. Day-to-day tiffs are bound to happen (leaving wet towels on the floor, amirite?), but with a solid core you know you have something worth fighting for.

A perfect avocado is elusive

You can buy an avocado at the grocery store that looks great”but when you come home to make a big bowl of guac, it’s like cutting into a wooden chair. Relationships can also seem just right on paper, but the reality is not always so perfect. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new beginning when everything is bright and shiny, but relationships take work”and that’s not usually glamourous. Once you find someone who’s worth your effort, you’ll know it, but you may have to go on some shitty dates to really appreciate that.

Avocados will ripen with time

Sometimes you’ll spot an avocado that’s a little green, but you can see that it has the potential to become a delightfully beautiful fruit. With a little patience and nurturing, a new relationship can turn into something amazing”but it takes a little time. The old adage good things come to those who wait is an adage for a reason, whether that be the development of a partnership, or a bowl of guacamole that tastes absolutely phenomenal.

If you’ve had a bad experience with avocados, you may be hesitant to try one again

We’ve all been there, when you cut into an avocado that looks totally fine and OH MY GOD IT’S DEAD INSIDE. It’s actually the worst. As emotionally scarring as it is to know that the avocado isn’t going to feature prominently in your meal, relationships can leave you equally exasperated and sad. It can be hard to bounce back from a breakup, so it’s fair to be hesitant when getting into a new relationship with that playing at the back of your mind. Be fair to those you’re dating, and just as importantly, to yourself.

Avocados come in a variety of dishes, and you can’t always recreate the exact same meal every time

Dips, smoothies, raw, on toast”there are a million ways to enjoy a good avocado. Just like you don’t want avocado toast EVERY single time, you can’t expect new relationships to stack up exactly like previous ones. Everyone is different and brings a different set of skills and quirks to the table, therefore each relationship will be different. A relationship doesn’t have to be a set package or follow an exact recipe for success, it should be about two people learning to appreciate each other as individuals.

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