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Some men get a kick out of playing mind games. We’ve all seen it happen. One night your new love interest treats you like the only person in the room, and the next night, he spends three-quarters of his time talking to anyone who will listen “ including the cute girl across the bar.

While it may be tempting to retaliate, you need to be careful not to lose your guy in the process. Want to show him you’ve got a few clever tactics of your own without driving him away?

Here are the relationship games to play to guarantee you come out on top.


The game: waiting three days to return his call even though you’re into him

The result: you lose

Men aren’t mind readers (as much as we will them to be). If you take your sweet time getting back to him, he will likely take it as a lack of interest on your part. This doesn’t mean you need to reply to every text within thirty seconds, but a 24-hour reply rule is usually a good way to show he’s on your mind without seeming desperate.


The game: being too busy for plans “ this time

The result: you win

You’re so anxious for him to ask you out again that you may want to clear your calendar completely for the next week. Don’t. When he asks you out for Saturday night, say you’re committed to a girls night instead.

It’s a harmless way to keep him waiting “ guys always seem to like a challenge. Then, suggest a time later in the week when you might hang out so he knows you’re still into him.


The game: hooking up with his good friends

The result: you lose

This strategy will backfire faster than you can say sorry. You’ll get your guy’s attention for sure “ just not in the way you want it.

There’s nothing wrong with getting to know his friends, but steer clear of anything more than light flirting.


The game: ending your conversations before they die out

The result: you win

Resist the temptation to keep him on the phone for hours on end. Saying goodbye on a high note will keep him interested. He’ll feel like he constantly has more to say to you, and, since you hang out before he gets bored, it will make him crave more communication, meaning you won’t have to wait for him to call.


Do you play dating games? Have you figured out a winning strategy? Share your secrets with us.

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