Overcoming Your Fear to Commit

Commitmentphobe? Does your fear of settling down cause you to sabotage your relationships? It is a common issue that a lot of people deal with and it can stem from many things, experiences from your childhood or a past boyfriend that broke your heart. Facing your fears is the only way to overcome it. Having a long-lasting connection and a healthy partnership is what we desire, but if the thought of it scares you away, here are some ways to overcome that fear.

Start Small
Making small commitments will help you eventually get to the big one. If you are a commitmentphobe, making plans is tough for you. Try organizing a vacation with your special someone. Travelling together, where you are inseparable for a few days will help you practice what it would be like if you were to live together or eventually spend your life together. If you can bear this you are on the right track.

Entertaining the Idea
Do you immediately change the subject when you hear the word marriage? Allowing yourself to share your fears and what you think about marriage will help you start moving closer to accepting it. You will be surprised that your partner may share the same feelings or could shed some light on why it isn’t so scary after all. Talking about it allows for a deeper connection and builds trust.  

Digging Deep
Try to find out where your fear of long-term commitment stems from. Whether it was your parents’ divorce or a relationship gone sour, tackling those issues will help you overcome them. Whether you talk about it with a friend, family member, see a therapist or overcome it alone, you need to take this matter head on. Accept what has happened to you in the past as an experience that can make you stronger.

Taking the Leap
The only real way to put an end to your phobia is to go in head first. Try being in a long-term, faithful relationship. You can’t knock it ˜til you tried it. With the right person you will find there is nothing to fear.

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