Never in the Mood?

No matter how attracted you are to your partner, there are times when you’re just not in the mood for action. But what happens you’re your libido’s gone permanently missing in action?

First of all, don’t panic. To get those engines revved up again, all it may take are some minor lifestyle changes. Here’s a quick checklist of what could be causing the problem:

Do you have more stress in your life than usual? Stress is a passion-killer. Figure out what’s getting your mind off sex, and then deal with it: talk it out, work it out, get rid of the unnecessary stressors you have hanging around.

Are you worrying about how you look in your birthday suit? Don’t. We females worry too much about how our bodies look. Is there a guy out there who would turn down sex because he’s bloated or hasn’t worked out for a while?  Men are visual creatures but there’s nothing sexier than confidence”so forget about your flaws and just work it.

Are you taking medications or drinking alcohol?  Some prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs can reduce libido. And, even though drinking a glass or two of wine can be a mood enhancer, it too can affect performance.

Are you getting enough sleep? Our brains needs sleep to recharge. When we don’t get enough, the body can’t function properly”and that includes what happens in the bedroom. Getting your Z’s makes the mind sharp, the body energized and puts you in a much better mood for sex.

Are you eating properly? If you eat too much junk food, your mind and body can become sluggish. Add more veggies, fruit, pasta, granola, nuts and those all-important Omega-3 fats (oily fish, legumes and flax seeds) to your diet. You’ll have more energy both in and out of the sack.

Are you getting enough exercise? Even a short workout consisting of stretching and bit of resistance can get you going. Exercise increases endorphins, the excitable hormone, which is exactly what sex does. (Hmm¦)

Are you and your partner having problems? If you’re not getting along outside the bedroom, then it’s going to impact what happens between the sheets. Talk about any concerns, problems or desires that either of you needs to get out in the open. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

If you try these things and are still not feeling in the mood, it’s a good idea to consult a physician to rule out any physical problems. 


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