Moving for Your Partner’s Job

You have a degree or even a post-bachelors degree.  You’ve paid all the dues in your chosen field and climbed that ladder to success.  You’ve even found the man of your dreams.  Life is good.  Then your husband is forced to move for work.  Some couples work out a compromise and the husband changes jobs.  Sometimes the opportunity is too fantastic for him, and your family, to pass up.  Or you’re a military spouse and you have zero say in the matter.  Now what?

Moving to another city can literally seem like an A-bomb is dismantling your entire life.  If this sounds familiar, try to strap on all the positive armor you possess because the fallout will initially be unimaginable.  Once you’ve moved past the shock of it all, try to embrace the fact that this move could allow you to break free of the confines of the career you have established for yourself.  This actually could be the opportunity to truly follow your dreams and create something you never attempted or even thought was possible.  You have white canvas in a new city waiting for you to paint whatever tickles your fancy.  Whether it be starting your own businesses or taking up a career in photography or even the wine industry, seize this chance to make your dream a reality. 

What are you passionate about?  What have you never had the chance to explore but have always wanted to?  What skills do you possess that you haven’t had the opportunity to put to use?  Ruminate over what makes you tick and how you would like to go about doing that as a career.  You may end up with a career you love as opposed to a job that you like. 

When you move to a new community, social networking in the area can be extremely useful.  However, take the time to allow folks put a face with a name.  Talk to people who work in a field you are interested in.  Take these people to coffee of lunch.  Tap into your Mommy network or a group of like-minded friends at the dog park.  Get involved locally.  Volunteer in areas that suit your interest.  Something may come of this.  Either way you’re paying it forward and investing in your new community.  Most of all soak up the local flavor!  Go to farmer’s markets, the local festivals and events.  You will quickly realize that you are more connected to your community than you ever were back home.  This opens more doors than you could possibly imagine. 

In the meantime, don’t just settle for a job that’s lackluster.  Work through a temporary agency while you search for your dream job or build your own business.  Then you won’t be tied down to a mediocre job that keeps you from dreaming and achieving something spectacular. 

Although there are inevitably going to be days when you curse the new city you’ve been marooned in and possibly take it out on your husband, try to embrace the opportunity this new adventure offers and enjoy it.  Change can be terrifying but it’s also the greatest opportunity to truly grow and evolve into the person you always envisioned yourself as in your dreams.


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