The Most Unusual Ways to Be Asked Out

How many times has someone asked you so, do you want to go grab a drink sometime? We’re guessing that you have probably lost-count. When you’re asking someone out on a date, you want to stand out from the pack. However, there’s a fine line between being memorable and being bizarre. We’ve polled our friends and now we’re ready to dish about some of the most outlandish, bizarre and unusual ways people have tried to score dates.

Case 1.
Mandy, age 27, spent a summer abroad interning at an office in Paris. Every day at lunch she would head to a local café© that was around the corner from her workplace and popular with the lunchtime office crowd. One afternoon while she was quietly enjoying her daily ham and cheese baguette, a guy that she had never seen before came and sat down at her table. He started to ask her questions like what her name was and where she was from. Bewildered by this stranger, she made small talk with him. Five minutes into the conversation, he paused and said, So, do you want to go make-out or what? Assuming that he must be joking, she started to laugh uncontrollably. She realized he was completely serious, right before he stormed off in an angry huff. Afternoon delight¦.not so much.

Case 2. 
Carla, age 26, was sitting at her desk one day when her computer started to have a meltdown. Unable to open any of the programs that she needed, she promptly called her IT department for help. Because the IT department was located off-site, instead of coming to fix the problem in person, the IT representative initiated an online chat with Carla. The IT man chatted with Carla as he re-installed all of her programs remotely. Carla stepped away from her desk momentarily and came back to find a message that said So¦what are you wearing? Carla had been going through a bit of a dry spell dating wise and was looking forward to the moment when she would meet someone but, she decided that this was definitely not IT.

Case 3. 
Chantal, age 23, had recently moved into a new apartment in an area close to her university campus that was also home to a lot of frat houses. One night she was getting ready for bed, walking around her bedroom in her bathrobe. When she looked out the window she noticed a guy standing in the upstairs window of one of the neighboring frat houses. He was completely naked and smiling. Catherine gasped and turned away. Did she really just see that?! When she looked again she noticed that he’d grabbed a cardboard sign that said, Call me with his phone number underneath. Catherine motioned to him to wait a minute. She ran over to her desk, grabbed a sharpie, some loose-leaf and scribbled a message of her own. When she held up her sign it said I’m calling the cops.

Case 4.
John, age 29, spent several years working abroad in Korea after graduating university. He looked forward to coming to work every morning and the long elevator rides he would share with a very attractive Korean woman close to his age. He’d noticed her noticing him but, had been too shy to make the first move. One morning, a large manila envelope was delivered to his desk by registered mail. When he opened it up he saw that it was signed affidavit from the girl in the elevator, stating that she had also noticed him and would like to formally express her interest. Later, John found out that since she was from a very traditional family, she felt that hiring an intermediary was the proper way to kick off the dating process. John was under the impression that usually lawyers only got involved at the end of a relationship however, he was so stunned by the unusual gesture that he decided to give her a chance. They fell in love and five years later they were married “ a love story that proves that when it comes to dating rituals, sometimes the most outlandish gestures can actually lead to a happy ending.

What about you? What’s the most unusual way a suitor has tried to pick you up?

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