The Meaning Behind Rose Colours

Traditionally, we associate rich red roses with Valentine’s Day and special occasions (hello, anniversary!) After all, red is the color of love, right? But what about all the other colours of roses out there? With a whole rainbow, there must be more meaning than we realize to all those hues. How you interpret roses is up to you (and that sweet guy buying them for you!) but some colours do have some general sentiments associated with them. Here’s what you need to know about the spectrum of roses so you can interpret your bouquet on February 14th:

Red “ This tried-and-true choice is obvious. Red roses are associated with love, romance, respect and passion. A single red rose may have a more straightforward, simple meaning: I love you. Regardless, whether you get one or a whole dozen, know that you’re special!

Deep red or burgundy “ These slightly richer and darker hues of the classic red rose are said to represent unconscious beauty.

White “ Simple and sophisticated, white roses embody purity, innocence, secrecy, youthfulness and heaven. They’re also often used in weddings, so they can be connected with commitment and marriage.

Pink “ Paler than their red counterparts, pink roses are slightly more innocent (or slightly less committal, maybe?) They convey gentler feelings and could mean he appreciates you or wants to thank you. They signify happiness, joy, sweetness, admiration and grace.

Yellow “ This joyful sunny colour represents exactly what you’d expect: happiness, warmth, caring and delight. They can also be associated with friendship or promises of new beginnings. If you’re buying roses for a close friend instead of a partner on Valentine’s Day, yellow’s the perfect colour.

Yellow with a red tip “ Could your relationship be progressing to a new stage? Perhaps yellow friendship roses with a rich, love-red tip might mean he wants to take things to the next level.

Orange “ Rich and bold orange roses represent desire, passion and enthusiasm. Rawr!

Peach “ Pretty peach roses are sincere and signify appreciation and gratitude.

Lavender “ Ooh la la, lavender roses are said to represent love at first sight and enchantment “ much like a fairy tale!

Blue “ Are you playing hard to get? Your guy might gift you with blue roses if he finds you unattainable or impossible.

Black “ Be wary of black roses, which, not surprisingly, are associated with death.

(Keep in mind, though, that not every romantic guy out there knows these meanings. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself holding roses on February 14th, consider yourself loved regardless of their colour, you special girl, you!)

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