Make the Most of Your Spring Romance

Now that outside temps are on the rise (it’s about time!), romantic movie dates and late-night meals are no longer reserved to the confines of our own apartment. Sure, it’s nice to have a cozy night in with our beau every now and again, but after four months of icy temperatures, the weather isn’t all that becomes bitter. It’s time to embrace the sunshine that so graciously shines upon us, by incorporating the warmth into our dating life too! Read on for ways to take advantage of the sun’s glorious rays:

Pull up to a drive-in. For most of us, the only drive-ins we’ve spotted are the ones showcased in movies (é  la The Wedding Planner), as we sit comfortably in a theatre, wishing it were us in J.Lo’s place. Ironic, right? While we’d choose drive-in over theatre any day if it meant having Matthew McConaughey as our arm candy, don’t scrap the idea just yet. Drive-in movies have not yet gone forgotten. And what better way to watch a cheesy black-and-white romance film (yes, some drive-ins still premiere the classics) than reveling in the great outdoors?

Dine Outdoors. Often, it’s easier to cook up a meal on-the-go than to sit down and enjoy what you’re consuming. When in the presence of your lover, however, this is a big dating no-no. While you may have adapted to hockey-inspired pizza nights every Thursday evening, it ain’t snowing anymore! So move your meal onto the BBQ, and grill up some fresh springtime eats (asparagus and leeks are in season!) Don’t feel like cooking? Hit patio instead.

Get Physical. Now that it’s spring and the sun is shining, we’re no longer excused from playing sports outdoors, while watching them on TV instead. So it’s time to get physical with your squeeze and bond over your athletic capabilities. And no, you don’t need to be a pro-athlete to get in on the action. Whether it’s a leisurely basketball game or friendly round of mini-golf, playing sports is the perfect way to strengthen your bond and get those endorphins flowing.

Scout out a park. Sometimes, we become so immune to our dating routine that we take even the simplest aspects of life for granted. While venturing to a community park may seem like a lot of effort at times, it’s worth the journey. Even if it’s just for a mid-afternoon walk or cute little picnic in the park, it’s a breath of new scenery. After all, no one wants to be stuck in a rut of familiarity. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, there’s always room for new ideas and spontaneous decisions.

Go camping. Sleeping under the stars may sound cliché©, but it’s not often we can snooze outside and get away with it. If it’s too strenuous to plan a camping trip (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want the option of running into the house when necessary?), pitch a tent in your backyard instead and create your own wilderness haven. The best part? If the raccoons steal your food, you have plenty more where that came from.

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