How to Say “I Like You”

Rejection is a scary thing, but holding your feelings inside could keep you from experiencing something wonderful. Putting your heart on the line is not easy, but if you do you could be taking the first step to falling in love.

Do Your Research First
Find out if he is in a relationship or has feelings for another. It is possible that he could still have feelings for you, despite the fact that he is committed to someone else, but it is not fair to steal her property. If he is single and ready to mingle, the coast is clear for your announcement.

Make a Connection
Body language is a subtle way of showing someone you like them. Holding eye contact, smiling shyly and leaning towards him gives off the impression that you are into him. So, the next time he looks your way don’t drop your eyes, instead hold contact for a few seconds and smile. This is the first step to showing him that you are interested. If he immediately turns away and doesn’t hold your glance he could just be shy, don’t worry.

Make Plans
Ask him if he wants to hang out, just the two of you. It is an informal way of asking him out on a date. Choose a more romantic location like a dim-lit restaurant or the cinema, if you choose bowling or a pub he might think it is just a night out with a friend and not something more.

Just Say It
After finding out if he is single, showing him signs you are interested and going out on a date, you have already demonstrated that you are attracted to him. If everything is going great and your feelings are continuing to develop, wait for the perfect moment during a conversation and tell him honestly how you feel. No need to be dramatic, you don’t want to scare him away, simply say that you like him. If the thought of saying it to his face makes you nervous, modern technology has made these situations less frightening. A text or an email is another way to share your feelings, but there is nothing more special that having that moment in person.

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