How to Make Sure Your Instagram Feed is Not Obnoxious

Instagram is the best. But of course, annoying people are bound to show up on your insta-feed. Here are five types of photos that all annoying Instagram-ers have in common:

1)    Gratuitous body part selfie: Sneaking bikini cleavage into photos or butt to mirror selfies are vain and ick-inducing.

2)    Filters with frames: Overly filtered photos and adding frames doesn’t make the photo look nicer. Sometimes less is more…and over tinkering with brightness or instafilters can make photos look tacky.

3)    Workout selfie: Gloating gym selfies are annoying. It’s that simple. Nobody needs to know that you’ve been lifting weights or topless bench pressing. Good for you, but no one cares. Oh and crossfit photos are the equivalent of a twitter humblebrag.

4)    Quotes: Do you want to purge followers? Great! Post quotes! Instagram is a PHOTO app, don’t bring the worst parts of Facebook and Twitter into this photo feed. “Live, Laugh, Love” in cursive font over a stock image of sunset or sunrise is unimaginative and preachy. We’re happy for your path to enlightenment, but post that stuff to Tumblr.

5)    "I'm Better Than You" Hashtags: #hashtagsthatreplacesentences are annoying. Sappy ‘my life is so awesome’ hashtags are just as bad. #blessed #life #instagood #mylifeisgreat hashtags are just boastful and cringeworthy.


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