How to Keep him Interested and Wanting More

Lets face it. You’re a catch. You know it. Your friends and family know it. But, it seems like the guys you have been dating lately haven’t been given the memo. You’ll meet a guy you really like, go out a few times and then never hear from him again. Sound familiar? Here are a few sure fire ways to grab his interest & keep him wanting more:

1. Be yourself.
Guys dig girls who are natural and are comfortable in their own skin. So, when it comes to date night, leave the clip-on weave at home, take off that heavy stage make-up and remove those chicken-cutlets from your bra “unless of course this is how you dress on daily basis. If that’s the case: work it.

2. Get busy.
And we mean this literally. There is something really attractive about a woman who leads a full and fabulous life. Would you want to date someone who’s only interest was dating? No, of course not.  Having lots of interests and an active social life will give more to share with the person you’re dating. Dinner and movies are easily forgettable. However, the girl who took him rock-climbing for the first time is not.

3. Be slightly unavailable.
Because you’re doing all this fabulous stuff with your life, it’s natural that you’re not going to just drop everything whenever he calls. Forcing him to make plans with you ahead of time sets healthy boundaries. That means saying no when he calls you at 1am to see if you want to hang out. That’s not a date, that’s a booty-call.

4. Set time limits on your dates.
When you first meet, it may be tempting to spend all day and night together. Even if you have a great connection, there is something called too much of a good thing. Have you ever noticed how on reality dating shows the guys seem to become smitten with the woman almost immediately? It’s because the restricted time-line of the show forces them to maximize the date experience. Make a plan (ie. rock-climbing and lattes) and stick to it. By dolling out your awesomeness in small bite sized portions, it will keep him wanting more.

5. Say no to Sex. 
If you’re looking for a relationship, avoid having sex on the first date. Many guys say that even if they are really into a girl, if they sleep with her right away, on some subconscious level they lose interest in having a relationship with her. It’s like the old adage: why buy the cow if the milk is free? If he really likes you, making him wait will only make him respect you more.

6. Show him you are interested.
There is a fine line between making yourself desirably unavailable and being a total bitch. Even if you have other stuff going on, he needs to know you’re into him. Be polite and return phone calls and emails. Don’t call him 20 times a day or send him collages that you’ve made with your photos and pages torn from Bridal magazines. The only phone-call this will get you will be from the police¦about a restraining order.

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  2. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    Some good tips, always keep him on his toes 😉
    Lisa Harris –
  3. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    lol….this is sooo freakin true..the one thing i regret is giving my ex more of me then he was entitled to!
  4. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    lol….this is sooo freakin true..the one thing i regret is giving my ex more of me then he was entitled to!

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