How to Impress His Parents

We know ladies, dating is stressful enough, right? But then to have to go through all those dreaded “firsts” again. Ugh. Not fun. And one of the WORST ones of all is that first introduction to your new man’s parents. How on earth are you supposed to deal with sweaty palms, nervous chattering, and a neon face all at once?

And that is why we are here to help. With a list of handy tips for things you should NEVER do when you’re meeting his parents. Print it out ladies. Memorize it. Live it.

Don’t be late.
Duh. Fifteen minutes early was made for this moment. Don’t mess it up.

Don’t use first names
This is the first and foremost rule of meeting the parents. You never, ever, ever call your guys parents by their first name until they give you permission to do so. And even then it is still completely social acceptable to refer to them as Mrs. and Mr. until you’re all 100% comfortable with you calling them otherwise.

Don’t be a PDA freak
Sure, in the privacy of your living room the two of you may not be able to keep your hands off one another¦but in the publicity of his parents living room it is hands off. Until your man makes a move to hold your hand or rub your leg, you keep your paws to yourself. This one is on him.

Don’t drink
Okay, maybe you don’t have to refrain from drinking entirely¦but try to keep your sipping to a minimum. The last place on earth that you want to get tipsy tongue is in front of your new man’s parentals. Unless, of course, they’re hammered too, then bottoms up.

Don’t be a b****
This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised. And, believe us, the best way to accomplish this is by befriending every female in the household. The first people who are going to pick up on b**** vibes are females. Kill ’em with kindness ladies, even if it hurts.

Don’t sit on your butt
No matter how many times his mother tells you she doesn’t need help with anything, you make every, single possible effort to HELP her. Whether it is setting the table for dinner, pouring another round of drinks, or just simple standing in the kitchen and chatting while she cooks, all will be appreciated.

Don’t complain
About anything. Full stop. No one cares if your job sucks or your rent is atrocious or your car is a piece of garbage. Unless you are a champion of self-deprecating humour, you do not complain. About anything. Your life is sweetness and roses¦and that is all.

Don’t bring up the R.P.M
We’ve mentioned it before. Religion, politics, and marriage have no place in the dating scene. And especially NOT in the parental scene.

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