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How to Get What You Want in the Bedroom

Show him what you like without bruising his ego

No one wants to hear that they are not satisfying their partner in bed, and when considering the fragility of the male ego, sometimes it’s best to take a subtler route. The best way to get what you want is by bolstering his self esteem. You encourage what he is good at, while at the same time suggesting new things to try with him. While you can simply state that you don’t like something, you risk making him self-conscious. But, by adding a few new games to the bedroom, you can less brazenly instruct him.

Easiest game to slip into your bedroom adventures is: Hot or Cold?
Here you invite him to explore your body thoroughly and encourage him to change up the way he kisses and touches you. Then, with easy to decipher vocal clues -Hot meaning Wow, that turns me on… keep going and Cold which means Nah… Try something else- you can guide him to your biggest erogenous zones and show him what you really want. Most men want to please you and turn you on, and by doing this you are providing him with an easy-to-read map. You will be hard pressed to find a man that won’t be appreciative of this extra insight.

Or try a little game called Mimic Me
This game is especially good for the men who lack in the lip-locking department. You can rile him up by challenging him to try to imitate what you do. You kiss him the way you want to be kissed, then simply say, your turn. He’ll try to copy what you did, and if he gets it right, make sure to encourage him by being a bit more audible with your pleasure. The next time he tries to kiss you, he’s more apt to try the kissing style that got such a good reaction from you. It’s subtle and there is a chance he will just go back to kissing the other way, but all you have to do is act not quite as excited and sooner or later he should figure it out.

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