How to Get a Date by Valentine’s Day

There is nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day.

Absolutely nothing.

Even if it is, like, the bazillionth one you’ve spent alone. Just you and wine and chick flicks and ice cream.

All alone.

Okay, okay, so maybe the whole bachelorette thing is getting a little old for some of us. So, if this February 14th is the year you swore you’d turn it around, then you better start looking girl! But first, our tips on how to land that perfect V-Day date¦

Put yourself out there

It might seem obvious, but you’re not going to meet someone to spend Valentine’s Day with unless you start getting out and about before Valentine’s Day. Make plans to hit the town leading up to the big day, get out of the house, go out with friends, meet friends of friends, get yourself signed up on some online dating sites, and keep your options open to anyone and everyone who just might come along!

Have a good look at your options

Sometimes all it takes is a really good look at the eligible men who surround you to discover (and possibly be surprised by) who you want to spend your Valentine’s Day with. Because in reality, even if you end up spending it sitting in the back corner of a dingy restaurant with your gay best friend, laughing at all the other bored looking couples, it just might be the best V-Day you’ll ever have.

Be brave

You know that guy, the one you’ve been eyeing for months but haven’t had the guts to ask out? Well girlfriend, now is as good a time as ever. Build up some courage (natural courage, not liquid courage “ that never ends well, trust us) and just ask him out. What’s the worst he can do? Say no? Well, at least then you can move on to someone else, someone who will appreciate all of your fabulousness.

Think like a man

Locking down a V-Day date just weeks (maybe even days) before the big day means that it is unlikely to be someone who you are super serious with. In which case, toning down the uber-cheesy, cliché© romance stuff is always a good idea. Win him over, and up your chances of a post-Valentine’s second date by doing something a little more guy-friendly like going to a hockey game or checking out an action flick.

Go blind

If all else fails and you really just want to try your luck at love on Valentine’s Day, then maybe consider a blind date. The online dating site OkCupid has a new feature entitled Crazy Blind Date, which sets up users based on the date and location of their choice¦all you get is a name and a scrambled image of the other users face. Just launched in mid-January, we think it’s going to be a-buzzin’ this February 14th!

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